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Resin kation Lewatit Monoplus S-108
Resin kation Lewatit Monoplus S-108
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Jual resin kation Lewatit monoplus S-108 digunakan untuk filter demineralisasi. Hubungi : CV. Mitra Water 
Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 is a strongly acidic, gel-type, monodispersive cation exchange resin styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. It is formulated to be extremely resistant to chemical, osmotic and mechanical stress.

Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 is especially suitable for:

·         Demineralization of water for industrial steam generation operated with co-current or modern counter-current systems like e.g. Lewatit WS System, Lewatit Liftbed System or Lewatit Rinsebed System

·         Polishing using the Lewatit Multistep System or a conventional mixed bed arrangement in combination with the following anion components: Lewatit® MonoPlus M 500 MB, Lewatit® MonoPlus M 800, Lewatit® MonoPlus M 600, Lewatit ® MonoPlus MP 500, Lewatit® MonoPlus MP 800 and Lewatit® MonoPlus MP 600.

Business Unit

Ion Exchange Resins Water Treatment Resin 

Advantages of Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 include:

·         High flow rates during regeneration and loading

·         High operating capacity at low regenerant consumption

·         Low rinse water requirement

·         Homogeneous throughput of regenerants, water and solutions, resulting in a homogeneous operating zone

·         Virtually linear pressure drop gradient across the entire bed depth, allowing operation with higher bed depths

·         Good separation of the components in mixed bed applications.


Areas of applications

·         Demineralisation of industrial water

·         Industrial Water Treatment

·         Synonyms

·         Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin

Info order resin kation Lewatit monoplus S-108 :

Hub : CV. MITRA WATER  Jl. Keputran Pasar Kecil 2 / 17 Email : [email protected]  Website:

Cabang Malang : Jl. Candi Telaga Wangi No. 48 Malang. 


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