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Mesin SWRO System
Mesin SWRO System
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11 Mei 2020
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SWRO System EngineSWRO system machines or commonly called sea water machines into fresh water are machines that function to reduce the dissolved salt content of salt water into fresh water or ready to drink water.This seawater processing tool is important for today because water is a natural resource that is vital for life on earth. Humans are often faced with difficult situations where the source of fresh water / clean water is very limited.For people who live on the coast, and small islands such as Pulau Alor and around Nusa Tenggara, fresh water is a very important source of water. Even though we know that our source of seawater is so abundant, seeing this situation humans have been trying to be able to manage sea water / brackish water into fresh water by using seawater treatment technology or it can be called a SWRO system.To meet freshwater needs we have developed a system of seawater treatment with various capacities according to the requirements requested. not only that we also provide installation (installation) and service services throughout Indonesia.For our spare parts, we are ready stock if there is a machine breakdown, so don't worry if someday there will be damage to the machine, it is difficult to find spare parts.For more info, please contact:Water Partners, Jl. Mawar 43 SurabayaEmail: https://filterair.idMalang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi 48 Temple, Malang

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