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Mesin desalinasi air laut menjadi air tawar
Mesin desalinasi air laut menjadi air tawar
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19 Mei 2020
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Sell ​​seawater desalination machine, that is sea water treatment, or brine, or brackish water to fresh water, contact: Mitra Usaha Mandiri 0822 3333 4224.

With seawater desalination machine, fresh water is separated from saltwater. Because desalination is a separation process used to reduce the dissolved salt content of brine or seawater and also brackish water to a certain level so that water can be used as clean water or drinking water.

The desalination process involves three fluid streams, ie salt water (seawater) or brackish water, low-salinity products and high-concentration salts


Technology Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Sea desalination for industrial & Commercial where convert Sea Water into Drinking Water. The technology we are implementing is the cutting edge technology of R.O Desalination of Sea Water and this system has been recognized by world-class experts.

This technology is perfect for processing freshwater needs in large capacity in groundwater areas with high salt content. With Sea Commercial Class Sea Desalination, Sea Water R.O System for Drinking Water, we provide for the need from 1200 - 100.000 Liter / day.

Through the seawater type seawater reverse osmosis membrane is achieved by applying very high pressure on seawater to counter osmotic flow.

Thus, seawater is forced through the membrane-permeable, which then removes all dissolved solids and produces drinking water. This method can remove at least 98% of salt ions and pollutants from seawater. The resulting fresh water flows out of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane where up to 99'2% is salt-free, minerals, and other ions.

Available capacity 3 ton / day, 5 ton / day, 10 ton / day and so on, contact:

CV. MITRA USAHA MANDIRI Jl. No Rose. 43 Surabaya

Tel: 031-5454849, 031 -5313509

Fax: 031-5313509

Hp: 081234590404, 087854449399, 085733669931

BB PIN: 5B1540B3



Malang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi Temple no. 48 Malang.

HP: 081216666753, 082233334224


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