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Mesin BWRO system
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02 Jun 2020
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BWRO machine Mesin ROBWRO machine stands for Brackish Water Reverse Osomosis machine serves to process brackish water into fresh water. This water so that it can be sufficient for fresh water needs in coastal communities.In Indonesia most of the coastal areas have experienced scarcity of water where the source of water is still brackish even to the level of salty.Here we sell or assemble BWRO Machines (Brackish Water Reverse Osomosis) of various capacities according to customer needs, not only that we also serve installation (installation) and service services throughout Indonesia.For spare parts also ready stock if there is damage to the RO machine, so do not have to worry later can not be difficult to find spare parts if there is an engine failure.For more info, please contact:Water Partners, Jl. Mawar 43 SurabayaEmail: https://filterair.idMalang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi 48 Temple, Malang

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